Q: What is Tricerabration?
A: Tricerabration is a high-concept, low-key “backyard” barbecue… with dinosaurs. Guests arrive when they want, leave when they want; everyone brings a dish to pass, gets to eat and drink as they please, play outdoor games, and enjoy an afternoon amongst creatures of the Cretaceous.

Imagine your ideal “friends and family” Americana-inspired barbecue. Now remove those distant cousins you don’t like, focus in on the backyard games and the hot dogs smoking on the grill. Take away the white picket fence, the nosy neighbors, the formalities, and add some dinosaurs. Now add some more dinosaurs. Oh gosh, that dinosaur is eating Aunt Rosie’s hat! Get outta here Aunt Rosie! Add some dinosaur decorations, and a lot of dinosaur-compound-themed name badges. Oh, and there will be booze. But your original Americana vision had booze, didn’t it? Of course it did.

Q: Why have Tricerabration?
A: It’s a summer backyard barbecue that we can invite our friends and families to. It’s a potluck barbecue, and there’s dinosaurs. I’m not sure why you’re asking. The answer seems obvious.

Q: This is the 2nd Tricerabration, isn’t it?
A: Yes, this is Tricerabration 2 / Tricerabration II. The first one was held in 2010 at the apartment known as MAMA’s House on Winton Road. It was a glorious affair, attended by 20+ people. A good time was had by all. Read all about it, see photos, and watch the trailers that started it all.

Q: Is this a “costume” party?
A: What party ISN’T?! Sincerely, if you want to wear a costume, we absolutely encourage it! The more excited you are, the better! But please also dress comfortably for an outdoor party in mid-June. If you theme your shirt / outfit / hat to Jurassic Park, you earn our raptor-respect. (But no, costumes are not required.)

Q: Can I bring kids?
A: Absolutely! Tricerabration is 75% kid-friendly! That other 25% contains alcohol or accidental curse words. We welcome guests between the ages of 1 and 101 (although either end of that spectrum may have a hard time with the bathroom stairs).


Q: Site B(ees) is in Spencerport? Really?
A: Life found a way. And it’s actually not as far as you think: only 18 minutes from downtown Rochester!

Q: What happens in the [IT WON’T HAPPEN] event of rain?
A: Site B(ees) was so chosen because it provides ample interior space. Nothing stops a good Tricerabration!

Q: Will I have access to my car during Tricerabration?
A: Depends. If you BRING your car, then yes. If you leave your car at home, then no. If you leave your car on Dorchester, consider it instantly destroyed.

Q: One of the trailers mentions a “park map and audio tour” for download. Huh?
A: They’ll be posted in the Facebook event on Friday, June 5 (or soon after). The park map provides info on Site B(ees), and the audio tour will provide “entertainment” for your helicopter ride (or drive, whatever). Keep an eye on the Facebook event or e-mail tricerabration@gmail.com on June 5 for a download link.

Q: Should I have seen Jurassic Park recently before attending?
A: It’s not mandatory, but it’s recommended. A fair amount of our decorations reference the original movie. You’d have a perfectly fine time without remembering the movie, but we can’t deny you’d probably have a slightly better time if you caught some of our references.

Q: Should I have seen Jurassic World before attending?
A: MAMA’s House will have seen it. The party itself won’t reference it, but we can’t prevent people from discussing spoilers for a dinosaur movie at a dinosaur party.


Q: What if I can’t cook? Do I still need to bring a dish to pass?
A: Everyone is capable of buying a bag of chips. Or stopping at Wegmans in the bakery section. Wegmans LOVES Tricerabration* and so should you.

Q: How many people should my dish-to-pass attempt to feed?
A: We recommend you make a pretty “normal”-sized dish to pass, like you’d bring to any family-backyard-barbecue. If everyone makes a dish that attempts to feed 50+ people, we’ll have an insane amount of food and then we’ll have to start feeding the dinosaurs instead of eating them. And we don’t want that.

Q: Why aren’t you having Tricerabration catered by Dinosaur BBQ? That seems like a pretty obvious tie-in, doesn’t it?
A: Listen wise-guy, we thought of that. But catering is pricey.** And so is maintaining a herd of angry dinosaurs so they don’t eat our guests. We had to choose. We chose guest safety. Maybe next time we won’t, okay?

Q: Should I bring a container that I don’t want back?
A: Please do NOT leave your dish to pass with us! Site B(ees) is a carry-in, carry-out park. While we’re deeply appreciative of anything and everything guests bring, we request that anything you bring with you ALSO leaves with you. But don’t take the dinosaurs home with you. They bite back.


*Unconfirmed, but wildly assumed. Sponsor us next time?
**We’d love to have Dinosaur BBQ as a sponsor, too! Sponsor us next time? Eh? Eh?!