Games will be available for leisurely play throughout the run of Tricerabration. Get your practice in before the compy-tition begins! And then play them again afterward to see if you can beat the champs! Or each other! Or just, ya know, for fun!

Pin the Party Horn
Pin the Party Horn
on the T-Rex

Test your blindfolded-skill as this original Tricerabration game returns!
Electric Fence
Electric Ladder-Fence

Toss Timmy & Lex at the electric fence and score points based on what rung they land on!
Egg Toss
Pterodactyl Egg Toss

Grab an egg, aim for the nests, and score points!
Egg Race
Raptor Egg Race

Navigate the obstacle course as quickly as you can while not dropping your raptor egg!
Meteor Bowling
Meteor Bowling

Grab a falling space rock and make all those dinos go extinct!

Also: Kan Jam, Egg-Bocce, and “Is This Chocolate or Poop?”


The Tricerabration Compy-tition

4pm – 5:30pm
Guests will compete against each other at the 5 major games for a chance to win sweet proceratosaurus-prizes and bronto-bragging rights! Times wildly subject to change, based on our extremely solid time-estimates and guest-participation-levels