Getting There

Site B(ees) is located at the Knollwood Lodge, inside Northampton Park, in Spencerport. The park sits right off Highway 31, a quick 20-minute drive from downtown Rochester. While all phones function a little differently, here are the best settings we’ve found to get you there. It’s pretty straightforward, but we recommend you print, download, or reference a Tricerabration Park Map (below) just in case you get turned around near the park.

Using Google Maps: Knollwood Lodge, Salmon Creek Road, Spencerport, NY

Using Apple Maps: Brockport-Spencerport Road & Salmon Creek Road, Spencerport, NY
(then turn left into Northampton Park)

Look for the large brown wood “Northampton Park” or “Monroe County Park” signs and the little Tricerabration signs. If arriving from the East, you’ll want the SECOND entrance into Northampton Park; the entrance on Salmon Creek Road.



Travel_circle_mapPark Map

Find your way to, and around, Site B(ees) with our printable, foldable Park Map! Fold it yourself, just like Origami only way less frustrating!

• Print on 8.5″ x 11″ (letter) paper, landscape (horizontal), and double-sided.
• Depending on your Acrobat/PDF-viewer/printer’s settings, you may need to change the setting for “Page Scaling” to “None” (or “Print Actual Size”)
• Fold the printout into thirds. Ta-dah! Instant brochure!

PDF • 6MB • 2 pages



Just want a JPG of the map you can save to your phone? We’ve got that too. Click the image, below, to enlarge, then save!

Park Map

Travel_circle_audioAudio Tour

Let MAMA’s House educate and entertain you during your journey to Site B(ees)! Our Audio Tour is filled with fascinating facts, impeccable pronunciations, and some award-caliber performances. There’s even a song or two! While designed to be listened to on your way to Tricerabration, the Audio Tour would be perfectly entertaining at any time.

• Rated PG-13 for occasional foul language and some sexual innuendo (we’re crude, we can’t help it).

• We recommend you download it ahead of time, add it to your portable-device of choice, and listen en-route. If you forget, stream it from (the second link, below).

MP3 • 31MB • Runtime: 21:48

DOWNLOAD (primary: Dropbox)
DOWNLOAD (alternate:


While we think you should just hit “Play” and hold on, some of you may want to know what you’re getting yourself into. For those of you, here’s the (vague, but honest) tracklist.
(click to reveal)

1 • Introduction
2 • Mr. DNA
3 • Dinosaur Facts
4 • Dinosaur Names that Start with “L”
5 • Scene: On the Hilltop
6 • Dinosaur Names that Start with “V”
7 • Scene: T-Rex Chase
8 • Mr. DNA (Meatbulbs Remix)
9 • Dinosaur Names that Start with “B”
10 • Conclusion


Audio Tour CDWant the Audio Tour, but don’t have a way of bringing MP3s with you on the road? Drop us a line at and we’ll see what we can do to get you a disc-version (identical audio content). We can’t promise it’ll ship fast enough, but we’ll try NOT to send it by brachiosaur.